Why Add Halo Flagstick Markers to Your Course?

A Marker that works with Technology

halo on stick 3

Allows for standard to advanced range finders to quickly and accurately pick up the marker without the need for expensive reflectors

Easy to Adjust

Allows for infinite adjust-ability on the flagstick without the need for tools

Your superintendents and greens keepers no longer need to change flags when changing pin placement

Saves the Golfer's Back

The Halo Marker allows the golfer to use their putter head to lift the flagstick without bending over

No one likes to pick up the flag.  Make it easy on them and avoid "dragging" the flagstick when picking it up

Golf Course Etiquette Reminder

please repair your ball mark

Reminds players to repair their ball marks on the greens before and after “putting out"

How much would this one small reminder save your course in green repairs each year?

Reduces Green Damage

The flag finials don't hit the greens with the Halo, reducing unwanted dents to the putting surface

Keeps Club Grips Dry

club pick up

Golfers now have a great location to rest their clubs.  The Halo will keep their clubs clean and dry

Visually Communicates Pin Location

Where is the pin placement today?

low good shot of halo on front of green

Low on the flag
Hole is located on the front of the green

halo on middle fs zoomed option 2

Middle of the flag
Hole is located on the middle of the green

halo on top of fs zoomed option 2

High on the flag
Hole is located on the rear of the green

010 Diamond

Top Quality Like Your Course

Brand new technology, cutting edge and simple to use

004 Tracking

Easy to Order

Fast turnaround time so you have the markers on your flag sticks within the week

006 Golf 1

Golfer Owned Business

Lifelong-enthusiast player, obsessed with golf, who understands the game, the players and the courses needs.

please repair your ball mark

This simple, cost effective addition to your course results in improved player satisfaction, more greens repaired during play and less damage to the greens under normal use.  In addition, we estimate use of the Halo will save 30-45 minutes a day in cup placement